Cold Hawai, strategies pure and Northern

In the Northwest of Klitmuller next to Hanstholm, Denmark we find more than nine hundred kilometres away from Utrecht but well worth the effort. Where the wind often blows and the waves are such that it is not for nothing that cold Beach Hawaiian word.

Many venue you will not find here, beside that the locals here a number of holiday cottages have there is also not much choice with accommodations. In terms of shopping you can go to the nearest town of Hanstholm his 10 km further on. Where you will find a supermarket and a lidl next to a small shopping centre with the daily essentials.

Stay fine on the campsite that are close to the beach. You can also rent tractors shacks when you do not have camping accessories or there is no fancy. It is a beautiful campsite with a separate places and they can even provide fresh pastries in the morning. The nearest beach is located at 100 meters from the campsite, this beach is different than the rest by the many bunkers that still remained from the second world war are over. These are freely accessible and can be visited. This beach is less suitable for your kite to launchen, not only by the bunkers but also because it has no fine sand beach, but many boulders.

Just outside the town north you will find a beautiful kilometers long beach where you in full satisfaction you can let off some steam. There are two car parks where you are close to the beach.

A few general tips:

  • just before the border of Denmark (Germany) you can find an autohof with a beautiful large supermarket, buy also the Danes drink much in here, don't put your advantage.
  • In the village you will find a kiteshop/school where you can find the necessary materials
  • In the summer and spring the day lasts very long, it is therefore only after 22 hours dark and the word at 3 am already light. This means very long sessions!