Aruba kitesurfing in the southern Caribbean Sea-Boca Grandi

Where the island where the water withdrawal, the best and the least tourists. There is the kite paradise of Aruba, Boca Grandi called. Aruba kitesurfing can not start right away, if you’re there for the first time are looking for you will need to do your best for. Go not just on path but ask it above all to the locals!

A tip to find it; follow the direction to the prison and look forward to the fellow kiters. Do not ignore the Board what it says as a warning! That is the easiest way to find it, you are for the prison then make sure you left. Row not just the bushes in because a lot of afforestation consists of plants with thorns, in addition, have you any time chance you bump into one against a buck. At one point there is to the left of the path to find an old golf course and a model building airport. Anything by row and go there to the right, follow the road down to the beach, just off the coast on a sandy path and that row row your right you out. You’ve arrived at the most beautiful kite destination of the Caribbean!

Make sure you open your car late, sometimes by persons unknown is searched for valuables. Under the motto is what is not in there cannot from you just let everything open. On the beach is nothing to be found, no frietkar, no standbedjes and no drinking water! So make sure you are self-sufficient. Maybe you can find something useful in the washed up stuff to you to protect against the fierce Sun, but not rely on!

What they do have are kite launch blocks! A real outcome if you’re only here, though it is always advisable to only go kite surfing, because here you are best far from civilization. How does it work? It is a concrete block where you’re chickenloop can confirm, after that you can calm your kite on turn ninety degrees after which you can walk back to your bar can pick up and him quiet can come out and play. Is this a kitesurfing safe situation, no not at all but sometimes you need something and local kite surfers make it eager to make use of!

Through the sand and the temperature is the choice to sailing without shoes often easily made, please note there are some large rocks in the water that you don’t always see, only apply to the back in the past, it is already a number of times gone wrong! Also the coral which away, again this is very sharp and brings you in awkward situations. I say if you are in Aruba you can not miss this spot on Aruba to kite-surfing.


Just above the equator but outside the hurricane belt, Aruba has an average temperature of 27 degrees. By the constant trade winds from the East fine kite conditions. The rainy season is from October to February. With short rain showers usually at night.

Transport: By the good roads car drive itself is fine to do. Row not just the bushes in because a lot of afforestation consists of plants with thorns. Let your car open this prevents smashed diamonds. There are direct flights to Aruba-Oranjestad, but you can also fly via CuraƧao and then take a short flight between the Islands.
Accommodation: On Aruba are many places where you can book your accommodation. San Nicolas is closest to Boca Grandi, but I can assure you, here is little to do. Are you going for a bit of fun then you can better go to Low Rice & High Rice. Additional tips: What is better if fresh fish of Aruba! Think you are not a 5 * restaurant but more to primitive and affordable. You order and they make the catch of the day. Please note it is what user manual, but the food is farthest away from the catch! Often you sit on the waterfront or on the climber. The restaurant is called Pirates and is located on Savaneta 270.

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