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10 best kitesurf spots in the world

Kitesurfing is more than a passion

Kitesurfing is more than a passion, you will recognize it as a way of life. Days of research to find the unique spot, the best weather conditions and the best downwinders. Everything to create unforgettable moments. Priceless moments that I want to share with family, friends and other kiters. That is the purpose of my life, to give you ideas and a directions to create your unforgettable moments.

When the first wipika appeared in french magazines, available in french supermarkets I was confronted with this addictive sport. Quickly my 17m2 suicide kite was there. After some lessons, my addiction started in 2006. From that time my kite gear is part of my travel baggage.

Ronald ten Boden “Founder Kitesurf.Guide”

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Kitesurf Summit 2016

A day with attention to safety, equipment, travel, videos and training. The best start before the kitesurfing season.

Dutch Safety days

Royal Dutch Rescue Company (KNRM) and the Dutch Kitesurf Association (NKV) organized a safety day for kite surfers and other interested parties. We were involved at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 edition.