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Langezand 2, 8754 GL Makkum, Nederland, Friesland, Netherlands, Europe

“Truly spectacular! From my luxurious bungalow on the beach, I admired the kite surfers on the IJsselmeer. I saw them perform the most amazing tricks, getting beautiful airtime is no problem here. Leaning back with a drink in my hand, I thought, I'll try that tomorrow too. Wind is forecast for the whole week. This will be great! ”

An experience of one of the guests about Beach Resort Makkum. He and his family return every year to kite surfing in Makkum. This water sports village is therefore one of the most popular kite surfing spots in the Netherlands. Kornwerderzand is just around the corner and there are many kite schools in the region to master it or get even better.

You can step onto the beach from your bungalow. Here you will immediately get a picture of the conditions, the wind direction and the wind strength. You can also see whether other kite surfers are already active. Perfect for determining what the day will bring. Or to relax on the beach after an active day.
After an intensive day of kite surfing, you naturally want to relax. After all, kitesurfing is a dynamic surfing sport that requires a lot of energy. So get some fresh air during a walk on the boulevard, play Frisbee with your children or friends, laze on the beach to get a nice holiday tan or watch the sport from other kite surfers.

Do you think it is time to go in? Then you return to a luxury bungalow, which is fully equipped. In addition, each bungalow is unique in terms of layout and furniture. So you choose a bungalow that best suits you and your group.

In other words: at Beach Resort Makkum you are at the right place when it comes to a wonderful kitesurfing holiday.

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