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Friesland, Netherlands, Europe

The shallow water gives kite surfers a wonderful opportunity to perform their sport optimally. The beach near Workum is a popular location in the summer months for both bathers and kitersurfers. Kitesurfing is allowed all year round, but due to the limited space at the location, the number of lesson kites in the period from June 1 to September 1 is limited to a maximum of 30 lesson kites that may be in the air at the same time. Pay attention to the local indication for launching your kite!

For all kiters:
- Starting and / or landing kite only in or near the water;
- Do not sail or jump within 60 meters of the shore;
- Lay down the kite, then roll up lines;
- It is not allowed to enter the swimming zone with the kite;
- Stay within the yellow buoys on the boundary of the kite zone.

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