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Mikri Vigla, Griekenland, Naxos, Greece, Europe

About 5 knots harder as the statistics from the famous sites say. About twenty minutes drive from Naxos, this town also called Chora. Mikri Vigla a village on the west side of the island of Naxos, from Naxos you can see also Paros.

It is also possible from the port to go with the local bus to the village of Mikri Vigla, please note that this bus company only runs in the morning, boarding is possible directly outside the Port, you can also buy a ticket there. But renting a car is also a great option. (HERTZ / ZAS travel)

In the village Mikri Vigla there are supermarkets, kite rental companies and some restaurants. There are many accommodations in Mikri Vigla look here for the available accommodations. Oasis “Apartments & studios, is a great apartment located directly on the beach, see what is happening on the water from your balcony. The breakfast here is good and there is also a private swimming pool.

Regarding the weather, there is usually a constant wind in the summer season. The “Meltemi” wind is strong and constant and forms from May to September. It is strongest from noon to early evening. Often coming with a clear blue sky.

During the holiday period it is busy. There is a private lifeguard and you will also find the necessary beachclubs to have something to eat. To launch your kite there is a fine sandy beach, it is not that wide but enough for a safe start. Often there is onshore wind, the first meters you can walk but it quickly changes into deeper water, shoes are not necessary because of the sandy beach. If you go further out to sea, there is always the option to visit the deserted beach on the west side in case of need.

The population here is extremely friendly and will do everything to make your kite sessions as beautiful as possible. Also enjoy the interior where agriculture provides your fresh food in the many nice restaurants.

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