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In Dakhla it is especially during the spring and summer months every day party. The wind in the morning is a nice breeze which gives you a good breakfast. In the afternoon, as it gets warmer, the wind pulls. At the forecast on windfinder or windguru you can actually plus a few knots up.  In the winter months the wind is less secure.

If the wind isn’t there, there is a unique (for this area) 2.0 cable park landscaped with some fun obstacles. Or if you prefer wakeboarding behind the boat, then this is also possible. Train your core and stability on the SUP or go land sailing, go to the Spa for a massage or hammam treatment, go surfing or visit the city.

“Best of Dakhla” Kitesurfing trip
With a wind 84% and 91% of security between the average 20 knots, is the end of April a place your kite season a Kickstart.

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