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Tarifa and Fuerteventura are beautiful kite surf locations, but as kiters we are always looking for new kitespots, where we can enjoy life and nature! It is true that Tarifa is also in Andalusia, but more to the west more to the “real Spain”, there between the mouth of the Guadalquivir and Guadiana’s river, near Portugal, lies the town Huelva. You’ve probably never heard of “Huelva La Luz”.

Huelva is a province with sea, mountains and unique natural areas, it is a province with its own traditions, hospitable people who live and enjoy every moment, with optimism and motivation.
Huelva has perfect conditions for kite surfing. The 122 kilometer coast with thermal winds and the excellent climate makes Huelva a great kite destination in all seasons of the year. In contrast to Tarifa, you will not encounter overcrowded beaches here (our secret okay).

Huelva has a Mediterranean climate, in winter it is not so cold and it offers a long and warm summer. The average temperature is 18°C, in the summer it is about 24-26°C and in the winter it goes up to 14°C. Here you will find about 300 days of sunshine a year.

The wind, in the summer almost every day 14 to 18 knots in the afternoon, it is a thermal wind from the southwest, nice and constant and therefore perfect for kite surfing. Summer is the best season to visit Huelva. The rest of the year the wind conditions are less constant and often harder.

What to do if there is no wind?
In addition to kite surfing, Huelva offers many other activities such as: wave surfing, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing but there are also alternative sprats to practice, such as skydiving, gliding, climbing and much more.

In the evening you can relax in the many bars, discotheques and pubs. You will also find a lot of entertainment on the beach.
Pay attention to Huelva’s specialties, especially the three things: ham, red fruits (such as strawberries and raspberries) and the fish / seafood try the shrimp, the mussels, and the tuna.

The city does not have its own airport, but many airports are close by! For example, we have Seville on the east side and Faro airport on the Portuguese side. Enough choice also for low-cost airlines!

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