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Hardangervidda, Hovland, Noorwegen, Norway, Europe

Haugastøl is widely recognized as one of the best spots in the world for snowkiting. The Hardangervidda mountain plateau offers huge areas and stabile wind conditions throughout the entire winter. Most years we start snowkiting in the end of October and end the season in the beginning on June. In a typical year the the conditions are best from Xmas to the end of April. We have some great days in December, but the days are short and the weather could be stormy!

When is the best time to come? January until the beginning of March offers the best powder conditions, and mid March-May has longer days and more days with soft spring snow. (and typically more sunny days). The biggest benefit is the almost unlimited amount of different snowkite spots. Hardangervidda Nationalpark has 3 422 km2 ridable terrain, and Hallingskarvet Nationalpark has 450km2. We have been kiting since 1999 and we still discover new places to ride every winter.

The National Tourist Route Hardangervidda passes trough the heart of the national park. This gives 38km of road where you can stop anywhere (there is a parking) and snowkite. Being flexible to move around the the best spot of the day will greatly improve your chances of epic snowkite days during your holiday.

On stormy days the road over the mountain can close due to to much snow and poor visibility. During these days we offer snowmobile shuttles to spots with better conditions for guests in the hotel.

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