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If there is some snow you can pick you’re tube kite or a foil kite an go with the snow! But please be carefull! The resistance is much lower and that makes it extremely dangerous. Where on the water with a 7M in 40 knots, you have more than enough on land with a 1 or 2m2 in 40 knots. Cold wind has a higher density

The speeds with snowkiting are much higher faster and that makes it also more dangerous.

Mostly the spot are not “official” the farmer is than you’re best friend, please ask the owner of the property first his permission.

Please be carefull and:
– take a buddy with you
– kitesurfing is not snow kiting!

– take a snowboard or skis, it is a lot more easier as an old snowboard
– wear a helmet

Try to search: kitespot, camp site, hotel

Search in radius 10 kilometers