Dakhla paradise for kiters

Dakhla Kitesurfing

With always constant  and onshore wind, no rocks or obstacles at the side or in the water has Dakhla Attitude the best location on the lagoon where the main spot is located. The cottages are located directly on the spot making you if you open the curtains does equal the white cups on the water can check!

Dakla kitesurf
Apart from the spot it is also a very fine stay. A private shower & toilet in each cottage. A very good, large (and healthy!) breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Nice and helpful staff and always a free bowl of popcorn and nuts with your beer in the bar.

In Dakhla it is especially during the spring and summer months every day party. The wind in the morning is a nice breeze which gives you a good breakfast. In the afternoon, as it gets warmer, the wind pulls. At the forecast on windfinder or windguru you can actually plus a few knots up.  In the winter months the wind is less secure.

If the wind isn’t there, there is a unique (for this area) 2.0 cable park landscaped with some fun obstacles. Or if you prefer wakeboarding behind the boat, then this is also possible. Train your core and stability on the SUP or go land sailing, go to the Spa for a massage or hammam treatment, go surfing or visit the city. Dakhla Attitude is very complete in terms of location and facilities and highly recommended.


In addition, Dakhla Attitude unique for its forward-thinking way of dealing with the nature and energy.  So, water is extracted from a source in the ground to be able to take a shower. Also this is water purified and served in glass bottles when eating.  The fish you have during lunch or dinner is freshly caught that same day in the Lagoon (you can also go catch, prepare yourself and eat them!).
For the future there are plans to start working with greenhouses so that the other food such as fruit and vegetables no longer need to be imported. How nice would it be if all the food “truly local” and comes from the desert? Finally, they keep one or to two times per year a big beach clean up.

“Best of Dakhla” Kitesurfing trip
With a wind 84% and 91% of security between the average 20 knots, is the end of April a place your kite season a Kickstart.
You can during this trip for free the 2.0 wakeboard system try, always a SUP, kayak or longboardje suits, on down wind and surf trip, clinics follow, material testing and wellness ….  In addition, we’ll show you the various spots, including of course the pool table-cloth-level “Speed spot”.

Also good to know, is that you don’t have hundreds of dollars extra paid for this program.
In fact; Since you have the locker, the compressor use and rescue free with this package gets you at the bottom of the stripe out cheaper. Kitesurfing lesson & material rent can also be booked with pre-book in advance discount.
Written by Eva curl, ENVIclinics

If it is a board sport & lifestyle festival with various clinics, demos, bands and DJs or to a board-trip to Dakhla Attitude. …
There is a very diverse and complete program; loads of stuff to do & to see but everyone is free to participate or just watch …

That is how I have already since the beginning of the ENVIclinics, in 2010, events, trips and lessons of ENVI plug-in. ENVI once started to get more girls into the boardsports, on an easily accessible way. The activities must still be accessible and one of the ways to achieve this, is to free up the activities: no mandatory program so. In addition, the (les-) groups are often small and there is plenty of personal attention.

All info about Dakhla Attitude (& bookings outside “Best of Dakhla” to): URwww.dakhla-attitude.nl
ENVIclinics: www.enviclinics.nl